The Wilfred Faber Counselling Service (WFCS) is a non-profit, professional counselling service assisting people with
addressing a range of emotional issues such as anxiety, bereavement, depression, relationship difficulties, stress and
parenting challenges.  We offer support in a safe and confidential space and have a commitment to working ethically.
Our counsellors are all volunteers.


Wilfrid Faber Counselling and Support (WFCS) is a Registered Charity (No. 1180137) staffed by volunteer professionals with a wide range of expertise in the fields of psychotherapy and counselling which was founded in 2016 and is based at the London Oratory.


The mission of WFCS is to help people in need to address a range of personal issues including anxiety, bereavement, depression, relationship difficulties, stress and other emotional challenges. WFCS also offers support for parents who are struggling to cope and can give assistance to those suffering from addictions, if necessary guiding them towards more specialised agencies. All volunteers are either accredited to, or working towards accreditation with, the BACP, ACC, BPS or other professional body and most are practising Catholics. Clients may request to be seen by a Catholic counsellor, if that is their preference.


The Charity has its home at the Oratory; some members of the Board of Trustees are parishioners and most client consultations take place in rooms at Oratory House made available by courtesy of the Fathers. However, WFCS is a distinct and separate entity from the Oratory and its work extends beyond the parish boundaries, offering help to people in need across London. WFCS operates a service that is fully compliant with all current policies of non-discrimination and safeguarding. WFCS clients help support the work of the Charity by making a small donation although this is not obligatory.


 This Mission Statement was drafted and approved by the Board of Trustees in November 2018. People requiring support should write to while general inquiries regarding the work of WFCS should be made to the Clinical Director c/o Oratory House London SW7 London SW7 2RP.

The Board of Trustees:

Bridget Tussaud, Co-Chairman

Jet Shenkman, Co-Chairman

Fr Julian Large,

Fr Rupert McHardy

Dr Clare Hornsby

Sarah Nagle