The Wilfred Faber Counselling Service (WFCS) is a non-profit, professional counselling service assisting people with
addressing a range of emotional issues such as anxiety, bereavement, depression, relationship difficulties, stress and
parenting challenges.  We offer support in a safe and confidential space and have a commitment to working ethically.
Our counsellors are all volunteers.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Will anyone know that I am coming to WFCS?

A. You are free to tell anyone as little, or as much as you choose about your involvement with WFCS. 

The Organisation follows Government guidelines relating to client confidentiality and adheres to the procedures for data protection. We will normally only share information about you with a third party, with your express consent. 

However, in accordance with the law, we do reserve the right to contact other agencies if we believe that you may be a danger to yourself or others; if you are a child at risk of abuse; or in order to disclose acts of terrorism, money laundering or drug trafficking. 


Q. How much support will I be offered?

A. Following assessment, a client is usually offered six sessions. More sessions may be offered, if deemed necessary. 


Q. How often will I see someone?

A. Sessions usually take place once a week, between Monday and Friday. We do not offer sessions at the weekend and we observe school terms.


Q. I would like to refer someone to your service. Is this possible?

A. Whilst, occasionally, we do receive emails from concerned friends, relatives or colleagues, WFCS cannot contact, assess or offer support to anyone, unless they themselves complete and submit the Initial Enquiry Form.

We recommend that you show them our website and encourage them to complete and return the form.


Q. Do you have to be a Catholic, in order to receive support from WFCS?

A. No. An applicant’s religion is not a factor in the assessment process. Clients are accepted according to their needs and the Organisation’s ability to help address these. 


Q. I would like to be seen by a Catholic. Is this possible?

A. Please specify this when completing the Initial Enquiry Form and we will allocate you to a volunteer accordingly.


Q. Do you provide spiritual guidance as part of your counselling?

A. No. A client seeking spiritual guidance may be referred to one of the fathers of the Brompton Oratory, or to their own priest.


Q. I would like to offer my support to WFCS, as a volunteer. How do I go about this?

A. Thank you! Please send us an email with an introductory letter; CV and photograph. 

We will consider all applications, although will not be able to offer a place to all applicants.


Q. I would like to donate to WFCS but am not a client, how do I go about this?

A. Thank you! Donations can be made by cheques made out to Wilfrid Faber Counselling and Support or by bank transfer to our account at NatWest: 71052151, sort code 51-50-01