The Wilfred Faber Counselling Service (WFCS) is a non-profit, professional counselling service assisting people with
addressing a range of emotional issues such as anxiety, bereavement, depression, relationship difficulties, stress and
parenting challenges.  We offer support in a safe and confidential space and have a commitment to working ethically.
Our counsellors are all volunteers.



WFCS is a charitable organisation, predominantly run and staffed by volunteers. Our team can offer sessions to clients in a large variety of languages: Italian, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, Indian and Romanian.


All WFCS Volunteers follow the policies and procedures of the Organisation. 


The WFCS Code of Practice and Safeguarding Policy are all available to view on the WFCS website. Hard copies can also be requested via email at


Information divulged to WFCS will be treated as confidential and, under normal circumstances, only be shared with a third party with the express written consent of the client; including consent given on the Initial Enquiry Form. However, in accordance with the law, WFCS reserves the right to contact other agencies if it is believed that a Client may be a danger to themselves or others, or if a child may be at risk of abuse. (See WFCS Code of Practice for more information.)


Anyone offered support through WFCS may specify a wish to be assigned to a Volunteer who is a practising Catholic. All Clients will be informed of the professional status of the Volunteer with whom they will be working.


All WFCS Volunteers attend regular supervision meetings, in order to safeguard the well-being of both Volunteers and Clients, as well as to ensure the observance of best practice at all times.


Following initial contact from an Applicant, WFCS aims to respond by return of email and arrange assessment by a trained Counsellor from within the Organisation, within five working days of receipt of the completed Initial Enquiry Form.


A printed copy of the completed Initial Enquiry Form, along with this information sheet, should be signed at the initial assessment meeting and will be kept on file. (All files are confidential.)


Clients are taken on by WFCS only if the Organisation feels equipped to support them.


If WFCS is unable to support an Applicant, the Assessing Counsellor may provide names of other organisations who might be able to offer assistance. 


WFCS aims to allocate a Volunteer to each client within five working days of assessment  and to make contact to arrange the first session, within a further five working days.


WFCS offers both short and longer term support, according to the needs of the individual, based on the Initial Enquiry Form and WFCS assessment. 


Sessions will normally take place on a weekly basis, in order to ensure continuity of support. If a Client is unable to attend for a particular reason, they should give as much notice as possible.


If a Client cancels or misses two consecutive sessions, WFCS reserves the right to review whether it is able to continue offering that Client support.


WFCS recommends that each Client makes a donation to WFCS, of £20 per session.

Anyone wishing to make additional donations to the Organisation is most welcome to do so: Wilfrid Faber Counselling and Support (WFCS), NatWest,  account number 71052151, sort code 51-50-01.

Client donations should be given to the Volunteer at each session and Gift Aid envelopes will be made available.


WFCS can be contacted through the Fathers of The Brompton Oratory, or by sending an email to 


The WFCS website is


Written communications can be addressed to:


c/o Oratory House,

Brompton Road,