The Wilfred Faber Counselling Service (WFCS) is a non-profit, professional counselling service assisting people with
addressing a range of emotional issues such as anxiety, bereavement, depression, relationship difficulties, stress and
parenting challenges.  We offer support in a safe and confidential space and have a commitment to working ethically.
Our counsellors are all volunteers.

Wilfrid Faber Counselling & Support

We are a Christian, non-profit and professional, counselling service based at the Brompton Oratory, South Kensington.

We are dedicated to offering a  non-judgemental, safe and secure environment where anyone - believer or non-believer - is welcome. Our aim is to support, encourage and empower all those who seek help

Our team of volunteers can help people address a range of personal issues including anxiety, bereavement, depression, rela¬≠tionship difficulties, stress and other emotional challenges. We also offer support for families facing difficulties and we have a team of our volunteers supporting the young. 

WFCS is a charitable organisation. Contact can be made through the Fathers of the Oratory or via email

Registered Charity No. 1180137